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Find Your Passion

This weekend I was driving around to multiple cities to view tournaments where some of my clients were competing. It put plenty of miles on my car, decreased the time I could usually sleep on the weekends, and did not leave time for social gatherings with friends or some quality time with my husband. These weekends also usually lead to comments from my parents or even my friends like, “I don’t know how you give up your weekends like that,” or “I feel like you are always on the road.”

These comments do not offend me by any means because I know this is not for everyone. Others questioning how or why I do this is none of my business honestly, but this got to me thinking about how it is important for all of us to find our passion.

You see, to other people I am missing out on sleeping in, or I am not getting as much relaxation time on the weekends, or I am putting more wear and tear on my car. However, this weekend was just what I needed.

When you find your passion and you get to spend time enjoying that passion, it is so refreshing. I came out of this weekend feeling refreshed, confident in my work, and ready to do it all over again. This was like a light bulb going off in my mind that I had truly found something I am passionate about.

My light bulb moment involved observing my clients’ own “light bulb moments” and “breakthroughs” when they were able to use something that we have discussed in our sessions in their actual competitions. Many times, it is hard for me to contain that passion when watching them because I almost want to jump up and down as their personal cheerleader.

My hope for everyone is to find something that they are passionate about, too. Finding something that you can always see yourself doing and loving it is important when increasing our happiness. These passions do not have to be things that bring in a lot of money for you or things that you have to spend hours and hours each day doing, but it can be something that almost serves as a stress relief when you may have other things going on.

Have you ever experienced that feeling? That feeling of doing something that you love so much and can’t wait to do it again? Something that you can sacrifice things to do each and every time? Even if things do not go your way (for example, playing basketball and not winning a game), your passion helps continue to drive you to be a better player and show up again at the next competition.

The best news about finding your passion is that you are never too old to do so!

Here are some tips for how to find your passion:

1. Do what you love:

Is there something that you already know you love doing? This can be simple hobbies that you have tried before or sports that you have competed in or workouts that you have completed. Anything at all that you have tried before that you really enjoyed.

2. Focus on your learning abilities:

One way to think about what your passion is can be thinking back to when you were in school (if that is in the past or what you are doing now in school if it is currently). What are some classes or training programs that you have completed before that you really enjoyed? What are some things that you continue to enjoy reading about or learning more about by listening to podcasts, interviews, etc.? This can be helpful because your passion is something that you always want to keep developing, so finding something that you love learning about and growing your knowledge base about is helpful when determining your passion.

3. Brainstorm:

When thinking about these things that you love doing, is there some way you can turn it into something that you get to spend more time doing? Is there a way to make some income based on this passion, so you can devote more time to it instead of just outside of your normal working hours?

4. Research:

If there are ways to make money doing what you love to do, find people who already do that or find people who have turned their passions into a business. Brainstorm your ideas with them and figure out a way that you can also do your passion. Use these people who have done what you are aiming to do as resources to get your own passion going in a much bigger way.

When reading through these suggestions, did something come to mind that you may be passion about? Was there a certain thing that you enjoy doing that you really wish you had more time for?

Finding your passion can be so rewarding, and figuring out a way to do it more often is even better.

The Mental Peak is a great resource to use when you find yourself struggling to find your passion!

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