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About Mindy

Her Journey

Mindy grew up surrounded by sports in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Playing basketball and softball herself and also dancing all through school helped her passion grow for all kinds of sports.  She also learned to love watching football and is a very avid Green Bay Packers fan.  Playing sports for Mindy was a great way to meet new friends and learn to work with people from all different backgrounds.  As she continued to grow and move out on her own, she realized how many life skills she had learned from playing sports such as goal setting, coping with failure, increasing confidence, overcoming adversity, managing emotions, and many others. When she began her collegiate career at Appalachian State University, she soon gained the opportunity to co-found the women's club basketball team which gave her the desired competition that kept her motivated to keep getting better.  There were times where Mindy had to be a player, coach, and Vice President all at once which allowed her the skills to learn how to manage others as a leader of the team.

The Field of Sport Psychology

Mindy went into ASU knowing she wanted to study psychology and help people with their mental health. It was in one of her classes freshman year that she first heard about the field of sport psychology.  Hearing that there was a field that combines two of her biggest passions: psychology and sports was an obvious decision to pursue.  She then went on to get her Master's degree at Georgia Southern University in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sport and Exercise Psychology.  After leaving the field of competitive sport herself, she began running and competing against herself with each new run.  Becoming an avid runner allowed Mindy to learn just how critical an athlete's mentality can influence performance.  This has only increased Mindy's passion for sharing her tips and tricks with other young athletes who are hoping to enhance their performance using mental skills training.


Health Coach

The Weight Loss industry

Since 2015, Mindy has worked with clients focused on their goal of losing weight.  Many people try to lose weight but forget that there needs to be mindset shifts in order to have long-term benefits.  While working at weight loss camps and clinics, Mindy brings a new side of the weight loss industry that isn't spoken about enough: the mental side.  While working with clients, she focuses on the goals that they are setting, how they are evaluating their progress, how they are handling obstacles like social situations, how they are planning ahead to stay on track with their goals, etc.  Everyone is physically capable of eating healthy foods.  However, it is the mental side that sets people back or launches them into long-term results.  With years of working with nutrition-based programs, she can help you know how to fuel your body and shift your mindset to help you reach your goals.

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