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The Little Drummer Boy

It’s officially Christmastime, and the songs and carols that go along with the holiday can be heard everywhere (including my car). I have heard my share of the song, “The Little Drummer Boy,” but it wasn’t until recently that the lyrics really got me thinking about our own self-perceptions.

For those of you who do not listen to Christmas music or celebrate the holiday, I will give you a synopsis of what the song is about. It is about a little boy who visits Jesus as a baby. While others who had visited before him brought expensive gifts, the boy appeared to bring nothing to the newborn king. It’s easy to be in this situation and find yourself comparing what you have to others and to experience feelings of inadequacy.

However, the little boy then began to think about things that he could offer. Maybe he couldn’t afford the most expensive gift, but he could provide a service or a performance for the baby.

And so began the playing of his drum.

Instead of thinking about the things that the boy could not provide to the newborn king, he thought of his talents and other things that he could offer.

It’s very easy to find ourselves thinking about what other people bring to the table. That player can shoot better than me or that player can hit a faster serve or that player can thread the needle with their throws and so on and so on.

A powerful mindset shift comes when we can remind ourselves of our strengths and what we do possess rather than what we don’t.

You can use this when comparing possessions or career paths, and you can certainly do this in the middle of competitions. If your shot isn’t falling in a particular game, what is a strength that is still working for you? Can you drive hard to the basket? Can you convert from the free throw line? Can you crash the boards and grab rebounds?

In a world where it’s easy to compare yourself to someone else, make a point to remind yourself of the strengths and abilities that you do bring to the table in order to achieve your dreams.

What is your “drum” so to speak and how can you use it to your advantage?

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