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Thank You

I think this year has shown as that we should not take anything for granted. Things seem to change each day whether it is case numbers or regulations or what not.

As someone who makes exercise a priority, I go to the gym early in the morning. When the governor of North Carolina mandated that masks must be worn at all times at the gym even if you are far apart from another person, it was almost as if I wanted to have a pity party. My thoughts began thinking about what home workouts I was going to go back to. When gyms first closed, I got back to running a lot which was nice. I kept that going even when I returned to the gym, but the place where I am renting a home right now is not well lit, so my morning runs seemed to be less and less likely as an option for me if I did want to find a way to exercise without a mask on.

So here I am having a pity party like I am lost as to what I am going to do for my exercise these next several weeks/months/however long it is.

Then, I was able to go to a high school girls basketball game in person. The girls had recently been told that they have to start wearing masks during games. While I wasn’t necessarily in the team meeting or locker room when this was announced and have no idea how the girls reacted to the news, they sure did not show that this was an issue when playing on the court.

While talking to some other athletes, they consistently mention that wearing a mask is not ideal, but they are happy that they get to continue to play the sport they love.

Did you notice the framing of that statement?

They GET TO play the sport they love.

The truth is that I get to continue exercising in the gym. Wearing a mask is not what I had in mind when I exercise, but I still get to push myself to get stronger, faster, etc.

In a year where it is easy to think about the things that you cannot do or the things that have changed, what are some things that you still get to do?

While I am sure there have been many ups and downs this year for school age children, I want to thank them for showing me that my perspective can certainly be adjusted. Children this year have had to learn to roll with the punches, and I appreciate them being a reminder for myself of the things that I still get to do.

So thank you, kids, for continuing to teach lessons that us adults seem to forget!

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